Weekly Spelling List


Name_____________________________Spelling Words and Definitions   10-14 to 10-17-14

Poetry Week 1

metaphor—a comparison of two things WITHOUT using “like” or “as”

simile—a comparison of two things using “like” or “as”

onomatopoeia—words that imitate their sound, such as buzz

personification—a description that gives human qualities to something

poetry—a type of literature written in verse

stanza—lines from a poem that belong together

idiom—a phrase that cannot be understood from the meaning of its words


bellowing—a loud, low-pitched sound

outcast—someone who has been rejected or driven out by others

reputation—what a person is known for

betrayed—let down someone who trusts you

yearning—great desire to have something

withered—dried up and faded

escapades—carefree or reckless adventures

unfathomable—cannot be understood or known

When the Circus Came to Town

fret—to worry or think about something

assured—said that things will be all right

nudged—pushed or poked gently

outlandish—bizarre, strange, and unusual

ruckus—a lot of noise or fuss about something

proclaimed—announced something to a group


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